Our foam is a little different


Our memory foam was created based on customer feedback to provide pressure relief where you need it most. The open-cell structure offers a flexible sleep surface that responds and adjusts with you.

3 inch High-Density Memory Foam

Made of 3 inch high-density foam, which could provide strong support and effectively suppress the soreness of the neck and back.

Breathable Memory Foam

Gel memory foam can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the body during sleep, so that you will not generate too much heat when you sleep, thereby providing a cool and comfortable sleep experience.

Pressure Relief

When you move in bed, memory foam gently 'fills in' and reshapes itself to your new sleeping posture, cradling every part of your body, keeping your spine in proper alignment, and relieving your pressure points.

Skin-Friendly Cover

Comes with a skin-friendly 3D knitted zippered Bamboo fiber cover, which is hypoallergenic, removable and machine-washable, easy for home care.

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